Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 290- Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas

We’ve been watching the preparations for the Bahamas National Family Island Regatta, the major sailing event for Bahamians only, held here annually.  The beautiful all-wood 15-30’ sailboats were delivered from all over the Bahamas by various methods.  For example, the mail boat decks were jammed with boats and fishing boats came in towing multiple boats behind them.  Activity started several days ago with the construction 20 or so plywood shacks, each with slight variation of drink menu, transforming Regatta Park into a mini downtown.   
Georgetown is known as a gathering place of cruisers, in fact, where many American cruisers congregate for the entire season (and longer).   Not sure if the end of the season has slowed things down but there is less activity than we expected and only a handful of kids.   The girls however are really enjoying spending time with the other cruising kids that are here.  They play volleyball, climb trees, swing on rope swings and in general spend entire afternoons just romping around.
We’re planning to head out in the next few days to start exploring the smaller, less populated islands of the Exumas.

The local Best Buy

Unloading racing boats off the mail boat

The boat anchored behind us prepping for the Regatta


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