Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 264- Samana, Dominican Republic

We arrived at Puerto Bahia Marina in Samana, DR early this morning.  The winds were higher than predicted for the entire passage so we kept having to reef to slow down to insure we arrived in day light.  So far what we've seen of the Dominican Republic is beautiful.  The island is mountainous and lush with vegetation.  We heard about a new marina that is inexpensive (Puerto Bahia Marina)  and allows access to a very nice resort.  The kids are in heaven, there are two infinity pools, a fully stocked game room and a playground.  At $35/night we may not be going anywhere for a while. 

Fishermen in Bahia de Samana

Local boaters

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  1. Hello Tatja, Pablo, Mia and Remi! We miss you all but it sounds like you're still having the time of your lives. If only our paths could cross again! And maybe they will. We spent a long time in St. Martin, then returned to Antigua to visit friends who were briefly here. We leave tomorrow for Guadeloupe. Luna wants to know from Remi if Manatee like to swim with dogs. Here's hoping the answer is "Yes!". Hugs all around. Elizabeth, Ed and Luna