Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 238- Honeymoon Bay, St. Thomas

Our expectations for St. Thomas were fairly low to begin with but we liked it even less than we thought.  We aimed to be here when no cruise ships were in port, it didn't seem to help.  (Seven cruise ships can be in the harbor at once, significantly increasing the population.)  We were on a mission to aquire some charts, courtesy flags, and flip flops.  There were a ton of stores but mainly they sold over priced liquor and gaudy jewelry.  There was a big deal made about low Duty Free prices everywhere.  We found many of these prices to be higher than normal prices in Puerto Rico and St. Croix. 
Surprisingly, many cruising boats here have more than one dingy, and often one is a big center console model.  Can't figure out where you store these while on passage.  Hmm, maybe they don't go anywhere....
On a brighter note, the girls really enjoyed the beach we are anchored off, which had a cool rope swing. 


  1. Hello Hopmans!! I just read the article in the Stow Independent and have looked at all your posts!! Amazing!! What an exciting year for you all!! Keep having fun- Amy Keough

  2. Nice article!